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Let's Get Started 

The cost for us to complete the assessment and provide the required professional RPEQ engineer's report are:

  • Flood Assessement Report: $1980 + GST

  • Flood Evacuation Plan: $960 + GST (For multi-units) 


An initial upfront payment of $560 + GST is required for us to commence our assessment of your development. We will send you our preliminary report with recommendations and measures for acceptance. If you wish to proceed with the evaluation, a second payment will be required and will finalise the assessment report.

To get started, pay the initial fee of $560 and send your Building and Survey plans to

Here at Floodle, we connect the expertise of designers and RPEQ engineers. Our assessment is more than meeting the Council's flood overlay code. We ensure the flood mitigation that we recommend fits well with the project and specify flood-resilient materials to lower flood insurance costs.

Understanding the project is the most crucial assessment process. We aim not to spoil the design and test the project with different flood mitigation ideas. Try cut-and-fill approaches, compare costing, second-guess, even play with unknown variables, and always ask what is better; until we get the best flood mitigation system acceptable to the client that meets the Council's flood overlay code.

flood assessment report 5.jpeg
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